SkillZ was founded in Paris by blockchain passionates who discovered blockchain technology in 2016.

We first decided to develop blockchain products for various industries – banking, supply chain, catering – before realising investors and builders needed a platform to connect to blockchain nodes.

This is why today we focus on offering a Staking As A Service platform, enabling anyone to stake assets – manually or via API – on several proof of stake blockchains. We’d be delighted to tell you more about our offering and how we could work together.

The Team


Business & Marketing Lead


Co-Founder & COO

Laszlo SZABO

Co-Founder & CEO


Chief Product Officer

Nicolas Maurice

Lead Blockchain Engineer


Senior Cloud Architect

Pierre-Emmanuel André

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Sébastien RANNOU

Infrastructure Lead

Matthieu MOQUET

Senior DevOps Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Ethereum Specialist

Industry-leading investors

Ciaran O'Leary

General Partner and Co-Founder

Shana Fisher

Third Kind Venture Capital

Beth Turner

General Partner @ SV Angel

Alexis Robert

Partner @ Kima Ventures

Philippe Honigman

Human @ dOrg

Nicolas Debock

Managing Director @ Eurazeo VC

Sébastien Borget & Arthur Madrid

CEO and COO @ Sandbox

Jordane Giuly

Ex CPO @ Spendesk

Thibaud Elzière

Founder @ eFounders
Secret Fund

Yann Lechelle

CEO @ Scaleway

Arthur Falls

Ex Director of Communications @ Consensys & DFinity

Sébastien Couture

Host @ Epicenter

Jenna Zenk

Partner @ Kindi Capital
Ex CTO @ Melon Protocol

Samy Biyadi

Business Strategic Development @Bitfury

Arnaud De Birmingham

Founder and President @ Scaleway

Frédéric Montagnon

Founder @ Arianee & LGO

Alexandre Lemarchand

Vice President of Global Sales @Ledger

Réda Berrehili

Founder @ Ki Chain

Manfred Touron

Founder @ Berty

Co-Founder @Scaleway

Nicolas Marchais

VP Sales @Spendesk

Our Vision

We believe the world’s financial system is being rebuilt on blockchains.

Blockchains enable censorship-resistant money accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and composable building blocks for builders to innovate on permissionlessly. Ultimately we believe this will create a better world, with more access to opportunity, fewer rent-seeking middle-men, and fewer hidden systemic risks. 

Staking is a core primitive of this new world: by enabling asset owners to use their stake to secure the network and earn a yield doing so, staking preserves decentralisation and provides returns. It is the Internet bond.

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