Introduction to Ba²S by SkillZ

Our team is thrilled to announce what we have been working on this past year: Ba²S, the leading blockchain deployment and management platform.


The distributed economy will profoundly impact the enterprise world in the next ten years. Industries such as banking, insurance, supply chain, energy,
and health will substantially benefit from new business models, as well as automation and auditing processes, cutting the middle-man.

Out of the three phases enterprises face when using the technology (reflection, deployment, application), we observed the infrastructure layer remained the most critical one when it comes to blockchain adoption. We have seen countless Proof of Concepts not going into production because of the lack of a production-ready solution matching corporation scalability and availability expectations. That’s why we are offering a network deployment and management platform that ensures fast implementation, furnished developer tooling, high availability, and resilience across multiple regions/infrastructure types.

The plurality of public/private clouds and on-premise data centers enables consortiums to address the infrastructure of all participants with a unique platform while sustaining an uttermost level of political and geographical decentralization. When it comes to public networks,
having multiple clusters in different regions and hubs enhances security, redundancy, and performance. It also facilitates protocol ecosystems towards nodes distribution.

Corporates have been using private blockchains seeking privacy and scalability. These firms will come back to hybrid or public statements as protocols evolve. In the coming years, private networks (Quorum, Hyperledger, Corda, etc.) and public ones (Ethereum, Tezos, Cosmos, etc.), will not be siloed but interoperable allowing multiple use cases, improving security, guaranteeing distribution and heightening acceptance. At SkillZ, we are offering from the ground-up private and public networks-as-a-service to organizations, according to their use cases and demands.

By bridging protocols to the corporate world, we are striving for faster adoption.


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About SkillZ

SkillZ has been founded by blockchain passionates. Laszlo and Arnaud, the two founders, discovered the technology in 2016. They first decided to develop blockchain products for various firms in the banking, supply chain, and catering industries. In 2019 they realized their clients needed a simple tool that will connect them to the technology adapting their existing stack. The team is now composed of 9 people, mostly engineers working in the heart of Paris. SkillZ’s platform is serving enterprises enabling blockchain infrastructure to support products that will change their businesses for good.




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